Best Time to Snipe

Certain times of day lend themselves to more profitable sniping opportunities. I have found that 6-9PM UK time is the best time to find good deals. There are 3 reasons for this:

1. The most FIFA traffic comes from 6-9PM UK time.

A majority of the FIFA community comes from Europe. They play after work or after school. Typically, the transfer market will have the most players listed at this time as a result. That means there are that many more opportunities to snatch up a good deal.

2. SBCs are typically released at 6PM UK time.

New SBCs mean requirements that lead to cards rapidly increasing in price. However, players often don’t realize their cards have increased value. They will re-list their players for previously unsold values or cash out early for far less coins than they could have received – another reason why you can grab snipes more easily.

3. Packs are typically released at 6PM UK time.

Packs mean supply, and supply means more likelihood for mis-listings or general selling for below market value.

As for who to snipe during these times, there are 3 things you can always snipe with relative success:

  1. Expensive 78-83 gold cards.
  2. Current TOTW players in the 15-30k range.
  3. New SBC requirements



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Pepe is 57 k right now, it it good to buy him now?


Is sniping on console best or webapp


As below, which do you find is the best method for sniping? Mobile, computer or console? I find I can search fastest on phone, but actually snipe fastest on console. Any tips for excelling here?