TOTW 1 Investment: Serge Aurier

Player: Serge Aurier

Reasoning: TOTW 1 cards are historically a great investment; due to their severe lack of supply from relatively few people playing the game in the early access period, they rise considerably following going out of packs.

Two other factors make Aurier especially intriguing. First of all, he is a fullback, and fullbacks tend to rise very nicely after going out of packs. Secondly, he is a BPL RB, a league that many people turn to for their early squads- and he is a quality BPL RB at that. Here is a list of other BPL RBs. You’ll notice that he is great value for the price.

Aurier goes out of packs on Wednesday, September 25th. There should be ample opportunity to get him for these prices below between now and then.

Target BUY: XBOX Less than 20k. PS4 Less than 20k. PC Less than 20k.

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investment opportunity.



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Kevin H.

what about investing for bundesliga potm?


Hey Cheif was wondering if CF-CAM position changers are a good investment


Is wednesday after the early acces release(for the champions and ultimate edition) a good time to snipe aurier? Or will he probably be too expensive by then and is it better to buy now?


Hi! I should buy Aurier now? Or next week?


his already at a bout 28k on ps4


hey chief, wandering if i should keep gnabry for his PR Update or sell him now for 20k and buy aurier.


Hi Chief, I have around 3k left and have Nani IF. Do you think he has got good room to rise or should I invest somewhere else? Thanks


Sell him. No point in holding on to him for 5-6dsys if you have no other coins. Try and make coins now and invest in 2 days into aurier


Hey chief, I remember last fifa laliga IF fullbacks were good investments. Would you recommend investing in monreal??


Chief honestly: I have bought a subscription for this september and I am playing on PC. We all know that PC is another kind of market because there are much less offers. Do you think trading on PC is even possible?


Chief do you recommend doing all these starter SBC´s ?


Yes they are good value for price


Deffinetly. All cards are worth something atm. So even if you don’t pull anything good you’ll walk out with profit.
Nearly all nonerare gold well for 500-1.5k


Hi chief, I have 50k
I see inform Koscielney and Moreno are 84 rated and below 15k, would you also suggest picking them up soon?


hey chief, i picked up a if aurier for 20k i have 20k left over and i was wondering if eder militao is a good pick up for around 20k

Aaron pye

How much do you predict joao felix IF aurier and wanbissaka to go up to?

Aaron pye

1-2 weeks whenever


I just packed Thiago, will he rise a lot in a week or so or should i sell now for about 22k on pc?


Chief I consider buying FIFA Points for the beginning. Should I save my money or leave it? Would be around 15 €… (playing on PC)


Hi Chief, do you think I should hold on to rashford or sell him now, he’s worth around 70k right now. Thanks.


Hey chief, was wondering whether I should sell my packed Trezeguet baby icon now or wait


hi chief!
do you think malen IF wil decrease in price?
because i want him in my team


My if ibrahimovic went down 5k think it will shoot back up? 86rated inform links with potm Martinez


what price do you think IF Aurier will max out at.


Just packed 88 Benzema sell or keep

Fillip Davidsen

would it be too expensive to buy aurier for 23k?