OTW Gold Investment: Frenkie de Jong

Player: Frenkie de Jong

Reasoning: Today, EA surprised us by releasing the full OTW squad (usually they release it on Friday). Here is the full list of OTW players that will be released on the 27th.

Of these 23 players, the one investment that stands out to me more than any others is Frenkie de Jong.

One of the best ways to gauge how an investment might do is to compare the investment with similar situations. In FIFA 19, Joao Cancelo had an eerily similar situation to that of Frenkie de Jong for FIFA 20. Just like de Jong, Cancelo was in TOTW 1 and OOP (out of packs) for the first week of the game.

After returning to packs for a few days, Cancelo was immediately put back OOP for OTW. Here is how his price fluctuated over those days:

With only 48 hours of supply from September 26th to September 28th, Cancelo rose dramatically over the 10 days of OTW.

I expect something similar with that of Frenkie de Jong this week.

Target BUY: XBOX 10k or less. PS4 10k or less. PC 10k or less.*

*Note – Frenkie will likely get a price upgrade in the coming days. Check back for updated Target Buy prices.

Target SELL: Before he returns to packs on Monday, October 7th.



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what do u think of pablo sarabia , jovic and thorgan hazard? will they jump over their maximum price range of 10k?


Jovic is on decline now, will he bounce back?


is de jong not one of your top buys at the moment or just no updated yet, thanks.


So would you advise buying trent/aurier tonight and then selling them tomorrow as well as buying de jong tomorrow?


So look to buy Frenkie between tomorrow and Friday before OTW release. sell when happy with ROI?


Its a good idea to buy gold hazard now? And what about kdb?


Should i sell varane to reinvest? Should i sell trent arnold before totw announcement?


What should i do with my if de jong?



what about de ligt and wan-bissaka? good?


What happened that hazard droped like 70k and kdb went 40k up?


Will the gold cards for those in the OTW rise? For example, Ben Yedder. Thanks!


Hi chief do you think that Wan-Bissaka will rise more ?


Chief is it best to sell trent after totw is announced today? That should be 3pm uk time right?

Thanks in advance

maqsood hashmi

whats your recommendation for people with less coins..
Frankie is out of range already


Do you think TAA will rise in price? And if so when do you think so

Caedan Tan

Chief, would u prefer aurier if or de jong?

Caedan Tan

I bought aurier at 23750 shld i sell tmr and buy de jong

Caedan Tan

How much do u thk de jong will cost

Caedan Tan

Thanks Chief!

Caedan Tan

Last question shld i hold on to benedetto qnd nacho monreal if or what?

Caedan Tan

Yea or shld i like sell them for top buys or keep them? Sorry for the many questions!

Caedan Tan

What do u mean chief?

Caedan Tan

Thanks Chief!


Chief what should we do when totw 2 relases


When shld we sell the totw 2 golds that we predicted


Hey chief, do you think that any of your top buys at the moment will have a better ROI than Aurier or TAA, thanks as always.

Justin Smith

What is the target buy for Kolarov on Xbox one right now?


Should I sell my auriers I have 11 and invest in de Jong or hold on to aurier


What do you think of gold Delaney, reckon he will go above his 10k or stay under it as his supply comes back ?