TOTW 2 Investment: Kolarov

Player: Aleksandar Kolarov

Reasoning: It’s no secret around here that fullback investments are my favorite investments. The Roma LB is a great look as he is one of the cheapest 84 rated informs, something that is useful as they are often required for SBCs.

In addition, he is relatively close to his quick sell value (10,248 coins), which provides a buffer that he can not drop below when investing (see here for a full list of discard prices for players).

Look to grab him during OTW pack openings throughout the weekend.

Target BUY: XBOX 15k or less. PS4 15k or less. PC 15k or less.

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investment opportunity.



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Aviv Kaplan

Would you sell aurier and buy kolarov?


This is for an longer term I suppose?


I meant for like a week to a few weeks investment. Sorry


What about Orban IF for the POTM BL SBCs? Got few for 14k. In fifa 19 first POTM BL for Reus we needed Bundesliga IFs.


What is the target sell for Alexander-Arnold?

Tan Blatchman

Hey Chief,

If I pack any OTW, when should I sell? After the event when they all are OOP?

Cheers mate.


I have 215 k I bought one should I buy more or save for other investments ? I already have a few of each of your top picks and a TAA


Okay great.


when are otw pack openings?

many thanks


Thoughts on 84 Gerard Moreno from the week before? Do you expect alot from him?


What about atal? 5*4* with a wild position change and one of the best cheap LWs to link to mbappe? Feels like 25k is a bargain to me. And orban is a perfect link to gulasci which is amongst the cheapest 85s so also a great SBC investment.


i have like 15 k will it be better if I invest kolarov base gold during the otw pack openings?

many thanks


ohh so he will increase gradually as there is a low supply ?

many thanks


do i wait till kolarov price goes down hes around 4.6k on ps?


ok, thanks for the help chief helped me soo much recently

Aviv Kaplan

Do you support TOTW flipping?
If yes can you elaborate on it in one of your articles?

Aviv Kaplan

Any chance you will release an article regarding these buy times?
Maybe how to find graphs that indicate a player’s average price

Or Son

Bought 10 Kolarov for 3.8k and now he is 4.7k. time to cash out and invest somewhere else?


im trying to buy kolarov under 4k , is he going to drop or do i have to try sniping him?
many thanks


why is pulisic in the top buy ?

many thanks


Hey chief
Is it better to invest in aurier or kolarov?


Hi chief – got a bunch of rare golds that look like they’re selling at discard prices right now. You recommend selling these and investing in specific cards? Or just hold for now


thanks for the fast reply! Given that all of those top buys are ‘over’ where you recommend purchasing, would it be better to just wait until tomorrow?


So i bought 9 IF, whem do I cash?


Hey chief, I want to buy Eder Militao, Marcelo, Coutinho and Werner for my team. Is now a good time to get them? I’m okay with waiting! Thanks!


Thanks, do you think they will drop significantly? If it’s just a little loss I will get them now…


What about cresswell investment…? Shall we offload with a small hit, or you think he will still rise?


Hey chief, just packed OTW Coutinho, do you think I should sell him now or keep him for later sell?


Thank you chief

Goal of duty

hello, could you say one to make a profit with the least risk


Invest in TOTW2 IF’s this weekend