Updated Twitch Schedule

In case you guys haven’t noticed, I’ve made an effort to be more active on YouTube and Twitch this year. Here is an updated schedule of when I’ll be streaming on Twitch next week and for the foreseeable future:

  • Monday-Friday @ 9am CST/3pm BST

Hope to see you there next week! In the meantime, feel free to throw me a follow at:




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When do I sell the schedule?


ndidi is now 1,7 buy him now?? and when u think he will rise?


Duuude I lost soooo much on ndidi he’s fucking 950 man wtf


Hi Chief ! Any ideas for the Next BPL player of the month ? Weich player to Invest in ?
Maybe Joao Moutinho for 3k?
As i remember 84 Rated Players rose to like 8k or 9k for good and high rated player sbc.

Greets from Germany


Hi Chief, good luck on YouTube and Twitch, but hopefully we can still rely on quality contents on twitter and website right? πŸ˜‰ Loving the quick insightful 1-2 minutes read as a subscriber 😁😁😁


Do you think I should sell my icon now and make investments with the coins or wait til the market rises and sell for more

Skreepz Boi

What do you think about investing to Γ–zil? Will you think Auba will win the potm? Γ–zil’s price is 5 k now… it could be rising to 6-7 or maybe i m wrong :/


Any1 knows how to check how many WL matches left to play in fifa 20??


When you are at the main screen of the WL tab (there where you press the “start match” button). Press the Y button for Xbox or the button you make through passes with on PS. Then you’ll see the schedule screen and there it will stand how many gsmes you’ve left this WL.

But atleast on PC I was able to see the games left to play, beside the wins I have in the WL tab. Atleast on Sunday.


Rip ndidi .. xD


Yeah. His price has been a disaster. Oyarzabal was only soso


After a goal and an assist for to win Liverpool the match, James Milner looks likely to get a totw, and he’s an English rare in the BPL, surely he’s a decent look, even with the euros next week, England vs Czech Republic MM possibly? And other potential sbcs


I’m gonna try to pawn of these indidi’ to lazy buyers to break even and pick up some milners for the week, thanks!


Hey Chief, i dont know if its just me but i really have difficulties to refresh your page.
I have to switch between categories and home to see your newest posts.
Using different types of browsers wasnt the solution so i would like to ask if you ever heard about that.
If more people got this problem it would nice to change something.


Same here

Daniel M

Yo Chief! How do you feel about Sarabia for at gold TOTW investment? One goal, two assists in PSGs win today and if he gets an if his gold card will only be in packs Monday night to Wednesday. Low supply should make him rise right? Maybe pick up a few on Tuesday and Wednesday

Skreepz Boi

What do you think about OTW Sarabia’s price? 1 goal and 2 assist againts Angers. Now he is 35k. Sell or hold until Totw?


Hey chief do u think martial will drop any lowers than 45k this week thanks


Do you think ndidi gols will rise? Or it is better to sell now woth small hit? :p

Pedro Scrignoli

Hi Chief. Ive just signed 5$ membership, but I cant find the password. How it wotks?

Leon King

Will players drop a lot or only a little at squad battles rewards?


You add milner to top buys, what is the reason? πŸ™‚


Goal and assist, potential TOTW


U think squad fitness for 400 coins is good investment