Q & A Tuesday – Week 4

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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What do you think hernandez will go up to? Same question regarding milner


What’s the potential of fifa dropping a Vela SBC for breaking MLS scoring record? Invest in lafc and Mexico players?


Do we know what happened with Ndidi? Invested in loads for 2k and he’s actually gone right down in price, despite being out of packs; so weird.


G’day Chief. I have 10 Sarabia OTWs and Im wondering whether I should offload now at 10k profit each or hold out for a while as he is quite likely to get an IF tomorrow. Thoughts?


If you take the gamble to wait it might be beneficial since his inform would most likely gonna be a RM so the OTW will be a much better buy in terms of usability.


if I currently have 100k, what’s the best way to invest it?


Hi, apologies if this seems stupid but I haven’t traded properly since Fifa 18.

So I get there is a difference between trading and investing, with investing being much more passive over time. What ‘trading’ methods are there to actively make me coins right now? Sniping, bidding… Are there any other methods? Would really appreciate a response please!

Steven Day

Just joined. What are the best looks right now for continued coin income?

Steven Day

Are the shortcuts only usable on desktop and not mobile (or cell in your part of the world!) phones?


I bought 40 Plea’s for 1K cause he will prbably get an inform. Is that a good investment


Why do you think that Plea will get an inform instead of Patrick Herrmann? Herrmann scored 3 goals last week.


because he did that in 54 minutes


Hey Chief, I’m curious to understand why did Ward-Prowse skyrocket last night – I know it was because Walcott SBC, but I’m wondering why particularily he and not for instance Milner or other english gold rare mids?


Needed a Southampton player and he is highest rated


damn,got 100 pcs of firpo … bought on 3k…what can i do?


How do you do icon flipping? how do you get started so you can easily be making 15-40k per card


I’m still holding a lot of If Kolarovs do you think with the POTM likely needing IFs his price will go up? It seems TOTW investments haven’t been as lucrative to start the game this year even Aurier barely rose which is very surprising given that he’s very playable in game


Great thank you! Subscribed and am loving it so far


Hey Chief, regarding certain PL POTM investments. When is the best time to sell, when it’s released or during the build up?


Do you think Defoe is likely to get an in form with his hat trick?


Was wondering what you think of the price level for Sterling will it go up this week after WL rewards?


hi chief, what do you think about silver players from callum wilson club? i think hes going to be potm so ?


Hi, still new to the selling and cashing on the TOTW hype. For example : If i have invested in milner should i wait and sell him right before the TOTW announcement our selling right now. His price has risen but not that much.

João Miguel Bastos

Chief, is adama traore gold card a good investment before tot goes out?


Hello Chief. What happened to lenglet? Sell now or should I wait till the max. price will maybe increase over 100k? Do you think EA will change that? Thanks