TOTW 5 Watch

Robert LewandowskiST30PolandEuro QualifWin10
Memphis DepayST20NetherlandsEuro QualifWin9.2Yellow Card
Eljif ElmasCAM20North MacedoniaEuro QualifWin8.5
Ruslan MalinovskiCM20UkraineEuro QualifWin9.6
Romelu LukakuST21BelgiumEuro QualifWin7.9
Miralem PjanicCM20BosniaEuro QualifWin9.1
Weston McKennieCM31USACONCACAFWin9.0
John McGinnCAM30ScotlandEuro QualifWin9.7
Georginio WijnaldumCM20NetherlandsEuro QualifWin9.2
Alan KardecST40BrazilCSLWin10
Denis CheryshevLM22RussiaEuro QualifWin9.5
Ilkay GundoganCM21GermanyEuro QualifWin9.4
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What to do with IF cards Kolarov and Oyarzabal?


McKennie? Currently at discard 👀


Wondering if I should grab Mckennie too

Abc def

I have a lot of Ndombele, Vidal, Jorginho, Ziyech and Sarabias, hold or sell?


Chief you think David Luiz’ price will recover? hit 3200

Abc def

Ouch! I bought a bunch for 5, 6k, he will eventually rise for some sbc or something, gotta hold on to it 🙏


Do you think theo Hernandez normal card will rise, he has dropped from 5.5k to 4k

Isidor Thörnsten

I bought a lot of squad fitnesses for about 400 coins because I thought fifa would fix the fitness bug. But should I sell them for 500 coins or keep them and hope that they will eventually fix it

Ron Robaina

You can sell at 600 over weekends. This is confirmed


Hi, got 580k to buy a team what’s the best day to buy ?

Ryan P



Golovin was excellent against Scotland, could be TOTW for his performance plus a goal and an assist


What do you think about juan mata for the next MM? his price is 700 and quick sell 655.


Monday is usually best time to buy cards, market seems low tonight could go lower on Monday, gold Memphis depay chief, meta, potential totw, is he making your top buys?


HEY CHIEF, if i’m willing to buy bundesliga team is it now the best time the market is down or when should i buy ?


If you do Buy the Bundesliga, take Gulacsi over all the other keepers or Hradeck If the rest is trash


can you recommend more beastly players you played with in Bundesliga

Daniel Kemp

Time for some profit


Hi – Best time to invest my 1m in proper squad ? Advice appreciated


Hi chief!
this is my team:
it decreased the last three days with 80K what do you recomend to do?
+ do you think i have to sell gabriel jesus and ben yedder because they both almost halved in price


I recommend you switch Ndombele and Jesus starting position for max chem. You’re missing out on huge stat bonuses from chem styles with that.


my startingsquad is in another position for max chem. that is not the point. my question is more what you think i have to do. sell some players (if than the next question is which) or hold


Having looked at the previous years charts, expensive players take about a 50% hit over the next month or two. It depends whether you think you can use those cards to earn high in Champions and Squad battles, etc, or you’d rather play it safe and cash in before the crash.


Hey Chief, wijnaldum scored 2 goals today. Currently he is at 28k buy now. He might make it to totw and also he may be required for Marquee matchups (liverpool vs man u). I bought some under 26k. He will rise thursday because he is popular for weekend league and maybe he will rise even more if he makes it to totw or MM. Someone for your top buys?


I’ve got over 40 totw in my transfer list mostly 84 rated hoping they would be going up . Do you think they will or just cut my misses? Cheers


Cheers bud I’ll give it another month and for the best


Wijnaldum 2 goals


and cherysev 2g/2a


Hey chief, what do you think about bronze pack method?


Which methods would you recommend then?


It’s very safe, however, and great if you’re low on coins.


i think McKennie has an assist (if google is right)


lewa with 2 assists tonight