TOTW 6 Investment: Di Maria

Player: Angel Di Maria

Reasoning: The Argentinian winger had 2 goals and MOTM honors in a victory on Saturday. There is a good chance that he makes it into TOTW 6.

While TOTW golds haven’t performed great when going out of packs, they have still risen decently in the hype leading up to the announcement (see Pjanic from this past week); if they make it, panic buyers usually cause them to increase as well.

Target BUY: XBOX 13k PS4 13k PC 14k

Target SELL: Two sell options here.

  1. Sell in the hype before TOTW 6 on Wednesday.
  2. Sell shortly after TOTW 6 is released on Wednesday. If he makes it, he will go up. If not, he will go down.



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Should we still hold Ozil and Leno or sell them?


Thank you chief… Much appreciated! I’m a big fan of your insights and this website… Cheers👍


What do you think of investing in IF Acuna? 84 rated argentina fullback, and he is under 15k


I have had my team for about a week rn, most of the players prices dropped, for example sissoko, semedo, dembele, wijnaldum, lenglet, kane. I am wondering if it would be better to sell rn because tmmrw the squad battle rewards can further drop their prices. Wat do u think the best option would be? (I can always hold onto them)


Hey Chief,

what are your predictions for UEFA CL MM on Tuesday? Imo Ajax vs. Chelsea is most likely but i have absolutely no idea what the second game could be.

Thank you for the good work!!


Will you be posting a prediction?


Should I open packs when the second scream squad is available?


Will Eder militao rise in price again?He’s at 15k right now it’s the cheapest I have seen him this year


He is 81 rated, gets packed a lot


would you recommend selling the Meta starter squad players? I have lost a decent chunk of coins from price depreciation and im fearful of losing much more.


I’ve seen a few at 12-13k and the other day I saw one go for 2.3k 😭


Best time to buy scream Bernard? Would it be Monday, or the last day he’s in packs Friday before 6pm uk time?


Hey futchief… I fucked up by buying 4 koulibaly at 40k after he dropped from 50.. he’s now at 34-35k should I sell them all and take the 20k loss?


Hi chief, unrelated: when do you think is the best time to do the Schweinsteiger SBC? Thanks!

Jac Hughes

Hey Chief, how much do you reckon he will rise in the hype? Cheers


Sell di Maria when totw gets announced, in the hype, or when they’re actually in packs?


He did get totw 6 card but price droped few thousands. What now?


Hi chief, bought the following players: Man city & Atalanta at 650, Ajax under 900 and Chelsea under 1000. All rare gold. Do you think they will become worth a lot more when they make it to MM tomorrow or should i sell in the hype?


Thanks, i think im going to take the risk. City and atalanta players cant drop in price as 650 is their min price. And this weekend is Ajax – Feyenoord, the dutch ‘Klassieker’ so 2 chances they will be required.


Hey Chief,
If Di Maria makes TOTW, how much do you think he will go up to?


Hey chief,
After completing an sbc today I packed IF Nainggolan and I was wondering if I should hold on to him or sell him immediately. Could you please give me some advice, thanks!