SBC Investment: Fantastic Four

Player: Fantastic Four (Djene, Albiol, Garay, and Bartra)

Reasoning: It’s no secret that investing has been much more difficult this year than in years past. TOTW cards aren’t as profitable as they once were, and general investing methods aren’t as consistent.

In response to this, I’ve been trying to find different players that are consistently good moneymakers; cards that are frequently in the cheapest SBC solutions that cause them to rise. I call them the ‘Fantastic Four’ – 83 rated La Liga Center Backs.

With the high frequency of 82-83 rated SBCs this year, and the high supply of cheap 82-83 rated Spanish/La Liga players, these four cards often pop up in the cheapest solutions for SBCs and rise as a result.

SBC fodder like these are typically best to buy during DR and WL rewards on Thursdays (or other times when a lot of packs are being opened). You can snipe them when rewards drop or bid on them an hour after they drop.

Target BUY: 

  • DjeneXBOX 1.5k PS4 1.5k PC 1.5k
  • AlbiolXBOX 2k PS4 2k PC 2k
  • GarayXBOX 2k PS4 2k PC 2k
  • BartraXBOX 2k PS4 2k PC 2k

Target SELL: They will rise when required for an SBC. Sell when you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investment opportunity.



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When do you think they will be used for sbc?

Sebastian Zimmer

At least when the la Liga sbc coming?


doubt you will have an answer for this but I work 9-5 uk time during WL rewards is there any other time on thursday that would be good to buy


I guess this year we won’t be getting the “Hector” IF price hike like last year eh Chief 😂😂


hey, packed scream carvalho last night and his price has gone down by a few k. you suggest i wait till hes out of packs to sell or sell now and continue investing in the four la liga centerbacks?


so sell now and invest before new sbc’s today?


Packed IF Griezmann today out of rewards. When do you think I should sell him to get the most coins ?


Hey Chief,

How come gold Di Maria hasn’t been going up?


Should I just take the loss or wait til League SBCs?


this is exactly what i advised you in the comments here 11 days ago. funny that i am paying you!


I invested 40k and I bought all the players 200/300 coins lower. Fingers crossed 🤞🏼


Brought a whole lot of Djene for under 1k


I think the move This year chief will be high rated golds, 85+, there seems to be a pattern when SBCs are released in the events that have been coming out, what you think?


Wat if his price has dropped all the way down to 1k


Hi Chief,

With Vardy getting an IF and his card raising in price at the start of every WL thus far, he seems a solid investment this monday for when his card will be out of packs the wednesday after that. What do you think? 6k for PC a solid price?


@ chief i packed king Mo Salah should i sell or keep. And rebuy when he drops or will he ever drop anytime ?


3 days without any post. I want some more tips! 🙂 (also, thanks for the leaks in MM, was very huge to me)


Do you, Chief, make even half of the same amount of coins you made last year at this period?
Sorry to say but I follow you since last year and on this Fut 20, you investment looks and top 5 have mostly been fails. At least with non subscriber posts.
Is it because you leave the true tips for subscriber or they have the same bits of frustrations?


Hey Chief!

Packed couple Koulibaly. What do you think, will he’s price goes up when ITA1 sbc leagues will published or should i sell him now (~33k) before “high cards” start price dropping?

Best Regards,

Christian O'Toole


Is SCREAM pique likely to effect these? I have plenty in my club… is it best to wait a little bit ?


Would expect them to go up more