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Griezman otw sells for 850k


Hey chief Iโ€™ve picked up a couple
Of alonsos and Martinez from the prediction when shall I list them up


What price you bought Alonso for?


Is it due to over investment? Or could it be that, EA intentionally change the pack algorithm, so those soon-to-vanish gold cards overflowing before they went out of pack? Very conspirative but I wouldn’t be surprised lol


I bought Di Maria for 14.5 k after sb rewards and now he’s only 15k.. Noice


I listed him early and some sold for 18k. Not the best but at the current state I’m not complaining.

Ben Mitchell

I picked up like 50 Di Maria’s for 12k, he’s down in price now. Should I hold? I don’t really have any urgent need for coins as I’m running a PMR2G


You’re posting subscriber only stuff. I understand that they should have an advantage but for your not subscriber you put “buy xy, he will be req for sbc some time”
Rly appreciate that you want to help, but not everyone wanna spend some extra money on a game which cost 60โ‚ฌ.
It is your thing, do it how you wanna do it. That’s just my opinion