League SBC Investment: Silver Fullbacks

Player: Silver fullbacks from La Liga (LB/RB), BPL (LB/RB), Serie A (LB/RB), and Ligue 1 (LB/RB)

Reasoning: After much skepticism, EA released the first League SBC last week Wednesday (Bundesliga). This has caused many BuLi cards to rise, particularly silver fullbacks.

It is unclear when the next League SBC will be released. Regardless, a safe move is to stock your club with silver fullbacks from the big leagues listed above.

Target BUY: XBOX 500 PS4 500 PC 500

Target SELL: Stock them in your club and sell them when their league SBC is released.



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Also a ton of GK’s from BuLi raised

The wonderer

I dont understand, stock your club? You can only buy 1 of each player and place in the club

Mohamed Sehsah

keep in transfer lisst


With no way to know when league SBC’s will be out, and with some major league SBC’s coming out as late as January last year, people could potentially be holding these silvers for MONTHS. Don’t think this is it, chief.


Ahh like having one of each stored in your club. Makes sense, thanks


Really don´t think that BPL league SBC will take months to come… it´s THE trendy league in the game this year, it was last year, and maybe it was earlier! Be$ide$, it´$ EA´$ favor league in the game… that´s for sure.


Do you think that they will release a league sbc for Serie a now that there are milestone objectives instead? What should I do with the Serie a lb/rb’s I bought?




Hi! Bought a lot of Ligue 1 silver backs a week ago, so today is my lucky day. Could you plz advice.. What is the best moment to sell? Wait for a couple of days or sell right now in the hype, when everybody is doing the SBC’s?