UEFA MM Investment: Discard UCLs

Player:ย Discard UCLs (Rare and Non-Rare)

Reasoning:ย EA will come out with the next UEFA MM on Tuesday, November 5th. Often times, some of the SBCs that come out require UCL players. Buying them near discard is a safe look. I wouldn’t be filling up your transfer list, but sticking some of them in your club would be a good bet.

Keep in mind the rare UCL cards discard for ~600 coins, and non-rare UCL cards discard for ~300 coins.

Target BUY:

  • Rare: XBOX 750 PS4 750 PC 750
  • Non-Rare: XBOX 450 PS4 450 PC 450

Target SELL:ย I don’t expect them to rise much in the hype, so sell on Tuesday, November 5th after the SBCs are released (could be at 6pm or 8pm UK time)



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Hi Chief,

I am from Brazil, I follow your site and your twitter, congratulations for the work.

boss, do you indicate any autobuyer application? I used futmillionarie, plus 2 accounts already banned in this fifa 20.


To indicate would be to say which one is better.

but thank you

Mateusz Bennek

Hi chief! Buy Players with good league or nationality? or random, the cheapest cards ucl?


Hi Chief,

what are your predictions for upcoming UEFA CL MM? Which two games will be chosen in your opinion?


What do you think of Ndidi for potm as an investment?

650 bid, can discard for 600


cool thanks


Hi Chief,

You expected them not to rise in the hype and thus not sell in the hype, but rare UCL players are 1,2k minimum. Do you still think it is better to wait till the SBC or would you rather sell in the hype?