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IF Smalling 11k a good investment?


Can’t really go wrong at close to discard price.. doubt he’s gonna be below 11k for very long


cool, thanks will buy loads lol


which platform?


Xbox he’s 13k atm just waiting till he drops


Cool thanks chief


(nothing to due with TOTW, sorry)
Rodrygo (Real Madrid) did a hattrick yesterday on Champions… do you think is a good investiment buying some of his UCL cards?
last year would be clear about his card boosts (in case of live UCL cards) or also a POTM UCL card could be released… this year UCL cards seem pretty “unknown” to me…

Eelko De Haan

Why is dybala gold rare fucked up… it was not a good OOP investing… do u know what happened?

Eelko de haan

No i mean it crashes, sorry not out of packs…. But do you know why it crashed so hard?

Eelko De Haan

U got any advice, wait until they get any higher? Or take my loss…?


Hi chief! Thank you for your advice so far!
Have a pretty solid and team thanks to trading and it’s fun to play with – but I got nervous when I watched your “market is about to crash video”. Is it time to sell the team and only do trading until after Black Friday? Or keep the team, take the loss in market value, and then trade with the coins available? Any thoughts? Thanks!


What u think of Benitez if at 10.5k investment as of Ligue 1 potm and it’s between Ben yedder and di Maria and Benitez is 83 if from Ligue 1 and Argentina so got links all round