Q & A Tuesday – Week 10

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Some 300k-500k baby icons are dropping ,can i invest them ?or just because of baby icon swap,they will never increase again ?



Will aguero’s price drop during black friday?


Would you invest in higher rated cards (87-91), they are quite low!


I bought a rttf neres(84k) and wass(52k). They already went up a lot. Do you expect Them to rise even further?


I wanted to buy a new team with neymar in it. But I don’t know when to buy it. Neymar is currently around 1 mil on ps4 but do you think he will drop when Black Friday promo starts or should I begin to start buying my players now?


take the loss on capa? or will he still rise?


What are your top investment tips on/around black friday? Lets make some money chief


Will rttf cards drop during black friday?


Hey Chief,
What is your opinion on Icon Trading and is there any advice you could give?

Jesus Lopez

I have 100k what should I invest In this week

Luke Rhymer

when is the mm matchups predictions?


how can I deal with a player in my team’s price dropping?


Hi Chief, bought 200 Acerbi’s for ~3,6k a pop. He’s 6k today, you think he has the potential to rise even higher due to TOTW hype? Or is it wiser to cash in now?

Eelko de haan

How did u know u needed to buy the acerbi’s?? and when did u bought them?


He’s 83 rated so he’s a pretty popular SBC card. He had a MOTM performance on the weekend, bought them on monday, because the price always falls down due to Squad Battles rewards , it fell from 4,2k to 3k but I wasn’t fast enough and the average price i bought them at was 3,6k. Was expecting for him to rise up during the TOTW hype on Wednesday, but due to Gnabry SBC he skyrocketed today. If he gets an IF he might go +7k since he will be out of packs. If he doesn’t, he will crash back down. Decided to cash in today though.


Rttf partey or neres? Can’t decide which one to keep!

Know the meta

I have team worth around 2 mil when the best time to sell before the marcket crash in black friday?


IF Telles a safe investment @ 140,000?


I just bought 3 cards of Sancho rttf for 270k on PS4, should I sell them before match against Barca and buy it back after? It’s not likely that Ben will win against them



Is it worth waiting until after Black Friday to buy 83/84’s to do sbc’s like the Bundesliga POTM


is Partey RTTF a safe investment at 180k even if he has an similar inForm released? Seems likely that AMadrid will make it to knockout.


Is it worth to sell expensive meta players like messi, ney, mbappe etc before black friday? And buy them back? Or is tax for them not worth it?