Investment: Manchester City Golds

Players:ย Manchester City Golds

Reasoning:ย There are 2 upcoming SBC sets that could require Manchester City players: Marquee Matchups and UEFA Marquee Matchups.

This weekend, City faces Chelsea. There is a good chance that this fixture will be required for MM on Thursday (released at 6pm UK time) and they rise as a result.

In addition, City has a chance at being featured for the next round of UEFA MM next Tuesday. So far, EA have chosen a fixture from each group except C and G. As City face Shakhtar (who sit at 2nd place), I think we could see their match picked.

Gold rare cards discard for ~600 coins, so this is a very low risk investment.

Target BUY: XBOX 750* PS4 750* PC 750*

*These should be very manageable to get at these prices between now and Thursday at 6pm (particularly during WL/DR rewards). Don’t overpay.

Target SELL:ย Sell on Thursday after the SBC is released if they are required and you are happy with the profit. If not, sell on Tuesday after the UEFA MM release.



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there already arent any for 750 :/


bid or snipe you can get some for 700


and what do you think about the ucl rare investments plz ? like buying them for discard prices 650 ?


Nice one Chief I bought 75 at 650 bid sold for 1.1k quick profit