Investment: Gerard Moreno

Players: Gerard Moreno

Reasoning: EA released the repeatable Icon SBCs on Friday. This caused many high rated players to rise.

In addition to high rated requirements, there are also inform requirements for 3 of the 4 challenges. While TOTW investments haven’t performed that well this year, I think these SBCs could cause high rated informs to rise nicely when they go out of packs.

Currently, Moreno is the cheapest 86 rated inform. Even more, he is also one of the cheapest 86s overall. His good position, nation, and league make him easily linkable for chemistry purposes as well.

Target BUY: XBOX 24k PS4 24k PC 26k

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investment opportunity.



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What about the 2nd/3rd cheapest 86s iFs? Lukaku inform was totw8 and hasn’t increased in price since he came out. What is it to say that Moreno will increase?



Hey Chief, when should we sell for the black friday crash?


Do you think CL Hazard will go up in price during the Black Friday promo? I am trying to get the coins for Neymar


Hey chief do u think scream romagnoli will rise in price or will he drop for Black Friday. Thanks


Hi Chief. I´m saving coins to buy Mbappe. Do you think his price will continue to decrease in the upcoming days and that it will reach it’s lowest point during Black Friday? Thanks in advance.


How much of a profit is a reasonable expectation for this Moreno IF?


When do you think I should sell my Hazard?


I see. What do you think about when to sell Scream Muller though?


He is still at 24-25K, how much do you think can he rise and for how long are you keeping him? at which price you would get rid of him – Thanks


Can you please tell how to search for this card? Is there a way to remove 84 rated informs from the results list?


Once you have found the 86 version just click on compare prices, that will filter it out so only the 86 if version appears

Kayne Knorz

Is Moreno worth buying many of? Before he goes out of packs tomorrow? How soon do you think he would rise

Kayne Knorz

Also, do you think harry kane and toni kroos will be in the best of totw, or worth picking up before they go out of packs?


Are you still holding Moreno Chief?

Muhammad Serag

I think we have to sell before friday!


Hey Chief, he will rise in black f or i sell him now?


What do you think about when to sale Henry base icon? Do you think he would go down In Price?