Q & A Tuesday – Week 11

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Walter White

Hey Chief,

Do you think meta RTTF cards are likely to go down if they’re not resupplied in BF promo? When would be the best time to buy, worst case scenario?


Why are we selling our RTTFs now? They only get an upgrade after the teams qualify which won’t be until the last CL group stage matches so wouldn’t it be better to sell in the hype then?



what do you think about the MM today?



I need some advice!! I have 880k at the moment, im trying to get to 950k as fast as poss to buy mbappe before he goes up in price, whats the best way to do that knowing ive done all sbc’s possible? (Except the league ones)



Trade in-demand players from active challenges, Base Icon SBC is a good start, try to get them on bid and sell at fast as possible. Do that for 2-3 hours a day and you would get there.


Hi chief. Bit of a weird question but. Seeing Pogba drop 130k in a matter of a week or two and KDB over 100k too. Do you recommend when we are buying marquee players for our teams (300k+) that we buy the CL version instead due to the much lower supply , they are less likely to drop as hard?

Daniel M

Hey Chief. I wanna buy Kanté for my team but I don’t know if I should do it now or after Black Friday. Looking at graphs from FIFA 19 he actually increased quite a bit in price over Black Friday. Do you expect the same for him this year?


are marquee matchup leaks coming back?


When should i sell my rttf cards? Before kick off today or asap


It would really be nice if you could do a “what to do with rttf card post” or just tell me in this Q & A if you should sell your rttf investments now and buy back later.

Sam lord

What are the best meta players to invest in while they are the cheapest price now? I’ve already made 3 purchases of a reus and 2 aubameyangs while thinking about picking up a cheap son which is supposedly meant to increase up to 500k.


Is it worth selling my RTTF neres before the match against Lille on Wednesday?


Would it be beneficial to wait until tomorrow morning or sell tonight? Since their match isn’t until weds evening


Should the go back up though after upgrades? I’ve got Neres too.

Sam lord

Thanks for the previous reply do you think it’s a good investment into someone like son as he is meta and as you say he will be out of packs? Or should I go with multiple purchases of someone like sane?

Sam lord

Who would you say I will definitely make money on?


How are the prices of 83s/84s going to fluctuate throughout this week/black Friday/ and the following week? Last year there were a lot of sbcs and prices went up – can we see the same thing happening this year?

Sam lord

How are they the sbcs gems I’ll pick some up but how should I use them


Monaco v Paris Saint Germain
Atlético Madrid v Barcelona
Chelsea v West Ham United
Bayern Munich v Bayer 04 Leverkusen

What do you think are the chances these will make the MM this weekend?


2/4 not too bad, missed the Liverpool game which I am shocked I did, made a killing on Barcelona players though 🙂

Mario rossi

When to sell PSG and Real Madrid players for UMM? Now or tomorrow morning, 500 coins on 150 players can be a big difference.


How much do you reckon Salah , KDB ect will go up over the weekend & when do you recommend selling these players?

Kemal Balkan

I think, EA took so many silver players by sbcs with mls, liga nos etc. And now they will want to take coins from players to force them buy fifa points. So they will go silver needs sbcs during bf. (Btw they already took high rated players by icon sbc because of this they will not force them on bf I think) what do you think?


When should i buy and sell otw cards and who are usually the best ones to buy. I have 650k right now.

Know the META

Hey Chief
When you suggest to buy new 2.5 mil team?
Tonight evening or Thursday evening before the black friday?


Hye Chief,
Do you think Sterling will be cheaper Thursday after rewards or BF?