Trading During Black Friday

With the amount of packs coming our way tomorrow, there will be ample opportunities to get good deals. In general, there are 2 different ways to trade during Black Friday.

1. Sniping during lightning rounds

At the top of each hour, EA will release promotional 25, 35, 45, 50, 55, 100, and 125k packs. With so much supply coming in a short period of time, the first 10 minutes of every hour will be great times to get good snipes (particularly for the 125k pack release).

As for who to snipe, here are a few good targets:

a. expensive 81-83s golds

b. current TOTW players in the 10-30k range (Pacheco/Canales/Aspas/etc.)

c. the 8 SBC gems (Djene/Albiol/Garay/Bartra/Nacho Fernandez/Romagnoli/Acerbi/Rugani)

d. new SBC requirements

NOTE: There will also be an abundance of SBCs tomorrow as well. Keep an eye on the cheapest FUTBIN solutions for these. Recognize which players are typically used for the challenges and snipe them for less than their actual current value.

2. Bidding an hour after lightning rounds

Say the 125k packs drop at 2PM UK time tomorrow. Many people will list their players for 1 hour at minimum bid prices. Around 3PM, these players will near the end of their listing cycle. With so much supply ending all at once, there are plenty of chances to win bids for far less than their cheapest current BIN price.

Use the same targets for bidding as listed for sniping above.



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Hi Chief,

Thanks for the nice info!

Is it worth investing in cheap 83’s for the SBC’s?

Many thanks!


i was also think about putting 500 k in to them


I just packed IF Navas, when should I sell?


And if you packed him now?


Hey chief, do you think investing in an icon or 2 before black Friday is a good idea? Or will they go down even more when the sbcs start coming in tomorrow?



Should I buy dembele and semedo today or tomorrow?


Thank man , what time lighting round are gonna be out?


So now they are just gonna release 100k packs that’s it? No more lighting rounds?


Oh ok thank you man

Stocko blatz

Should I sell my team now(trying to buy Ronaldinho), or should I sell everything after Black Friday my teams 900k but I have a bunch of untraceable icons


Just got Mané, should I sell after Black Friday or just sell him now?


Do we have a rough time on pack drops chief?


Bought gold Griezmann for 185k on PC a few days ago. Still sitting around that price. Should I sell or hold him?


I don’t have many coins now. Around 230 K.
Thinking about buying Vieri icon (86). It is down now. Is it a good investment to play and sell it later or you think it might keep falling?


Thank you.
Very nice website by the way.


should i sell icons now and buy them when market crashes


When should we sell sbc gems




Hi Chief, I found Mertens if in a pack and I saw that the price dropped a lot today. I should sell it now or wait that the black friday ends ?


Hey chief I invested a lot in 86 rate IF Higuaín at 19,000 per card wat do u think ?


Lmao already 25k pre card keep / sell?


Will Lucas Moura’s price bounce back, been at 15k for so long (ps4), now at 9.5 for black Friday. Do players prices go back up after black Friday or stay low.?


Going to subscribe to one of the subscription tiers tommorrow, so just wondering for now when is the best time to sell snipes and investments such as high value 81-83s ?

Thanks Chief,



Hey chief,i packed if messi and i’m panicking a bit,when should i sell?

Daniel Branch

Is sniping 84s a good idea chief???


I’ve been saving packs this week for the Black Friday Promo. When is the best time to open packs?? Thanks Chief

Corn0 Mans0

Hi Chief
When do I sell the 84 informs?

Darren. M

I packed IF Ronaldo, should I sell now or will he go up after he goes out of packs?