Q & A Tuesday – Week 13

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Mahrez plays on wednesday how soon should i sell his rttf?

christian hilgenberg

Should I invest in totgs Tolliso under 36 on XBOX?

christian hilgenberg

He is dropped unser 30k


Hi Chief, do you think any silvers from serie a will get price change and go expensive like cardif players did last year?


Lots of icons have dropped considerably in the last few days… will they go further down, or back up? Will thee soon to be released prime icons have an impact one way or the other?

Awais Hassan

I was looking to but dalglish and he was 2 mil (87) and now his 90 one is below that

Awais Hassan

87 dalglish ps4 when’s the best time to buy him

Daniel Argudo

Chief, cr7 is 1.18 mill rn in the market. Do u think he will drop more? Or should I buy now and sell when he goes back up? I have 1.2mill in my club.

Walter White

If I have a RTTF card that I want to continue using is it worth it to sell in the hype and buy back later if that card is guaranteed an upgrade?


I’m planning on selling a 84 rated player at the end of January
When is the best time to buy?


Is it a bit early to be thinking about selling teams for the Christmas/TOTY market crash?


Best time to sell Keita? Have bought around 30 Keita’s


Buy 83’s for Futmas?

Boss Edward

U think I should mass buy Jorginho at 1700-1900? He’s the cheapest 83 in the prem besides GKS with a good nation


Hi Chief just packed neymar
Should I hold or sell?


Hey chief do u think that if canal And if grimaldo will continue to rise or do u think they should be sold now cos of the hype from messi potm thanks


I’ve bought yesterday Memphis (RTTF card). His price is already higher, because he will get an upgrade from 86 to 87. It’s really possible that he will get an inform today (86 card). Do you think that this will lower the price of his RTTF card ? Should I try to sell him before TOTW 13 ?

Walter White

Any chance a player like Scream Bernard rebounds, he’s getting killed due to crash and Di Maria SBC? If not should I take the loss and sell during WL?


I just got Mané IF 90 rated…should I keep it and sell later? or should I sell now?


Thank you Chief!



I’ve finally packed a special promo card (only took a few months) & now have a TOTT Salah on my hands (approx 500k atm)

Normally these cards go down with supply (750k-500k) & rise out of packs so I wouldn’t usually sell up today. But Messi POTM (RW?) is coming tomorrow & Futmas after that so the pressure might be on to sell up & not hang about

So do you reckon I should sell ASAP at around 500k or still hold onto the card with a view to it rising over the next few weeks after the supply is cut off?


Cheers Chief!


Thank you Chief!

Awais Hassan

Will ronaldo go up cr7


Hey Chief
What do you think about 85 Aranguiz? He’s gonna be around 19k