Thursday Flips for Week 13

Here are the players I like for Thursday Flips this week, along with the prices I like them at.

  1. Sergio Ramos: XBOX 93k PS4 103k PC 117k
  2. Varane: XBOX 150k PS4 190k PC 210k
  3. Pogba: XBOX 220k PS4 250k PC 255k
  4. IF FabinhoXBOX 190k PS4 180k PC 180k
  5. IF WijnaldumXBOX 130k PS4 140k PC 165k
  6. Ferland MendyXBOX 18k PS4 25k PC 30k
  7. Icons Under Average (refer to ‘Top Down’ on webpage)

Look to buy when you can get them at these prices and/or during DR/WL rewards on Thursday (8/9am BST). I would sell Thursday evening or Friday.



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I’ve just packed 93 TOTGC de bruyne – when to sell?


Sell Thursday ebening


Sorry could someone help me out pls. Invested into some totgs players like
Martinez, assuming the will increase in price when they are drawn from packs Friday. Is this a bad idea as I’ve already bought loads.


Be patient, it’ll be fine I think. Just keep listing


Do you think De Jong’s OTW will drop if he gets a TOTY?


that wasnt the question chief


Hello Chief!
Is Luis Alberto if(87) a good option for 40k? Cheapest 87 if on the market


i bough 2 juan jesus and 1 gimenez rttf.
Is it a good investment or not


I currently have 180k to invest. Any tipps?


I packed RTTF Allan a while ago… When should I sell him? I know his upgrade is soon, but surely when he gets upgraded, everyone will try and sell thus pushing supply up?

John Steven

I have 10 RTTF juan jesus,, all bought for 60-70k,, should i hold and hope for a good draw for Roma on monday,, or take the hit.

Nicolò Marottoli

Hi dude, do you think that R9 94 price will increase again or it is better to sell now with a loss of 1kk? (Paid it 7.1kk)