Investment: Celtic & Rangers

Players:ย Celtic & Rangers

Reasoning:ย On Thursday, we will get another round of Marquee Matchups. There is a good chance that the ‘Old Firm’ will be chosen, not only because of the history, but also because they sit on top of the Scottish Premiership table. I expect them to rise in the hype leading up to the event.

Target BUY: XBOX 250 PS4 250 PC 250

Target SELL:ย Sell in the hype on Thursday before the MM are released at 6pm.



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Does it have to be specific positions and such


Try and buy players in positions in every formation e.g CB. There is at least 2 CBs in every formation unlike LB/Rb which are not required in every formation.



Skreepz Boi

If it has big potential to have a mm rangers-celtic sbc than why not wait until 6 and after sell the cards?


if u sell them right before sbc , everyone will buy cuz will be expecting to rise, thinking the SBC might require players from the specific team(so you will be doing profit, a lil one , bur still) But if the sbc requires ( for exemple ) 1 player from Scottish league, their price will go down fast

Daniel Troop

What price should we expect them to rise to in the hype chief?