Thursday Flips for Week 16

Here are the players I like for Thursday Flips this week, along with the prices I like them at.

  1. TOTY Nominee Fabinho: XBOX 65k PS4 60k PC 60k (link to TAA)
  2. Son: XBOX 195k PS4 250k PC 280k (link to Kane/Eriksen)
  3. SIF TAAhard to predict price, buy during rewards on Thursday
  4. SIF Adama Traore: – hard to predict price, buy during rewards on Thursday
  5. Icons Under Average (refer to ‘Top Down’ on webpage)

Look to buy during DR/WL rewards on Thursday (8/9am BST). Diversify and do dollar-cost averaging to minimize risk. I would sell Thursday before 6pm to avoid potential dips from pack openings, particularly for TAA and Traore as they are in TOTW 16 and will have a lot of supply coming later in the week.



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Hi Chief,
Can you explain DCA like I’m five, please?


Buying the same thing over a period of time to reduce the impact of variation of price. So you donโ€™t buy it all at once, but over time. That way, you bought at an average price. Basically. You can google it.


Hi Chief,
Nominee Fabinho is 59k on PC now. Should I wait till rewards?


Yo chief man u must be able to give us somthing more…. no im not a patron but have been a firm follower for years and recommend you to any1 who wants to kno how i have managed 4million this season so far…. but i feel ur drying out wen giving info or the info is respective for your patrons (meaning im buying off them for them to make the profit) thats obviosly the advantage of being a patron but that dont mean you shud be putting others on a back foot by making a loss regular recently.

Seems all about the money now mate and protecting the guys who have given u sum cash money…


It’s called business. Plus it’s cheap enough at a 5er a month don’t be a cheap skate