Investment: Liverpool & Atletico UCL Rares

Players:Β Liverpool & Atletico Madrid UCL Rares

Reasoning:Β Champions League continues next week as Liverpool faces Atletico Madrid. I anticipate a UEFA MM SBC that features this fixture as they were not featured last time around.

In addition to Liverpool/Atletico requirements, there could also be UCL rare requirements. I would target these players as there is potentially a lot more upside.

Target BUY: XBOX 1k PS4 1k PC 1k

Target SELL:Β Sell in the hype before the SBC release next week if you are happy with the profit. If not, sell after in hopes that they are required.



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Hey Chief. I’m nicely stocked for this (hoping for rare requirement!) Do you expect the same the following week with City v Real and Juve v Lyon being the matchups?


hey could you please explain when i should sell and also what date is it that u recommend me to sell on?


What about investing in rare ucl Valencia/Atalanta players ? They have not been featured and play tuesday aswell.

Also Dane

What about the ucl games? Atlanta Valencia? Leipzig Tottenham? Is it worth investing and selling in hype of those teams?