Investment: Vela & Verdi

Player:ย Carlos Vela & Simone Verdi

Reasoning:ย Recently, OOP gold cards have performed quite well. When choosing which ones to invest in, you are looking for 3 things:

  1. Good rating (80-83)
  2. Good position (LB/RB/CB/RW/LW)
  3. Good league/nation

Rafa, Pepe, Lozano, Guerreiro, Djene, and Fraser all meet these stipulations and went up nicely when going out of packs in the past week. I think the same could be the case with Verdi and Vela.

Target BUY:

  • Vela XBOX 2.5k PS4 2.5k PC 2.5k
  • Verdi XBOX 2.5k PS4 2.5k PC 2.5k

Target SELL:ย Sell before they return to packs next Wednesday, April 8th.



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im not much of a trader – got recommended to you by Reddit… is there any idea what his peak price will be? and how long it will be before he reaches it? because I’ve mass bid 2.6k on about 20 Vela cards and I’m hoping that they sell for at least 4k…



ok, thanks for the help ๐Ÿ™‚


how to refresh your page when i saw post from march?


Hello i was just wondering how much should i buy???? I have a total of 600k and trying to reach a total of 1 mill


Hi Chief!

I bought quite a few Vela cards at ~2400 on Wednesday but his price has not exactly changed over the past few days. Do you suspect that his price will increase by next Tuesday, or should I sell and invest elsewhere?

(Also, I played you in a Div 2 game a few days ago. Your team is ridiculous man)



Ok so I’ve brought 10 of each but they going no where near 4k lol. I brought vela at 2.400k and today hes selling for 2.800k/2.900k with the 5% tax its was a complete waste of time will they go up by tuesday before needing to get rid on wednesday Wednesday


The guy was right lol. Vela is 3400 now and Verdi 4600, so he was right