Investment: Lucas Leiva

Players:ย Lucas Leiva

Reasoning:ย The Brazilian midfielder is used extremely often in cheapest SBC solutions due to his good rating, nation, and club (strong links to Acerbi and Luis Alberto). His price fluctuates heavily as a result. Given the amount of upcoming SBCs we are about to get with TOTS, I think he has a good chance of rising.

In addition, Leiva is in the shortlist for Community TOTS, so he could be going out of packs on Friday.

Target BUY: XBOX 6k PS4 6k PC 6k

Target SELL:ย Sell when you are happy with the profit. If he makes it in Community TOTS, be sure to sell before he returns to packs on Friday, May 1st.



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Is it worth investing at 7k where he sits now?


Awesome! Thanks!

Dan Troop

He has risen to 7,500 on ps4 and 8,900 on xbox. Should we look at different prices for him.


hi chief what about leno he always tend to rise and his card is cheaper, also pizzi always tend to rise and his card much cheaper whats your thoughts about that?
and from now on the market is gonna rise right cause i wanna buy cristiano and dont know when?๐Ÿ˜‰

steven guo

on pc it’s hard to even find one going for 7k, should i still buy for 7k?


Perfect time to buy his price dropped to 5800 xbox?


would you risk buying him or just go for the ucl Liverpool/spurs players


if i can get him now will he still rise