Investment: Liverpool/Spurs UCL Rares

Players: Liverpool/Spurs UCL Rares

Reasoning: Next week would be the Champions League Semifinals if play would not have been suspended. EA have been releasing Throwback UEFA MM SBCs for these. They featured the same clubs that played last year in the quarterfinals, and I expect the same thing for the Semifinals.

Barcelona players are too expensive, and I don’t think there will be too much demand for Ajax players. Therefore, I’d go with Liverpool/Spurs UCL Rares.

Joe Gomez is a particularly good look as he will likely go OOP for Community TOTS on Friday. I’d be willing to pay more for him (2.5k).

Target BUY: XBOX 1.2k* PS4 1.2k* PC 1.2k*

*Look to buy during Community TOTS pack openings this weekend.

Target SELL: Sell next Tuesday/Wednesday shortly after the SBC is released.



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hey chief! how can I get notifications on my phone, on new posts, as they appear on your blog? thanks


great! please let me know when this login feature will be available. thanks!


oh its already there

Sérgio Ferreira

Hey Futchief!
Who do you think will be the best players to get?
Are Gedson, Lovren, Keita and Minamino good options?



hey futchief! i accidentally bought 23 of joe gomez ucl now for about 2,900 each, and 12 minamino for about 1600-1800 each. should i just hold on to them for next week?

Sérgio Ferreira

What are lighting rounds? Sorry for the ignorance 😅

Sérgio Ferreira

Didn’t understand Sorry chief!


Normal rare cards won’t work?


Hi Chief,
considering that Liverpool players were a requirement in today’s ‘Throwback marquee matchups’ SBC, is it still likely that they will release this UCL SBC next week? Or at all for that matter? Thank you.


Hey Cheif, I bought like 90 Gomes at 1900 yesterday and he’s sitting at 2800 now, sell or hold with him likely out of packs tomorrow?


Is Tottenham a Worse investments than Liverpool?


I did buy like 50 minamino for 2500 yesterday! Now he cost 1500, What am i gonna do?


Am i gonna lose much money?


Hello chief


Hi chief! I have a question and im sorry if this sounds stupid but im very new to the trading things… So can you explain shortly why we should invest in minamino? , isn’t he a bit low rated (75) to put him in the sbc’s? So nobody would buy him ? Kind regards!


Thanks for that, i have bought like 34 Ucl rare cards, so hopefully like you said it bring some money to the bank account xd


How high do you think UCL Joe Gomez will go for next week? Cheers


Awesome to hear, do you expect UCL Matip and UCL Lovren to go up as well? Subscribing next month, love the tips and content 👍🏽


When is ideal to sell the UCL investments? Joe Gomez going for about 4.5k-5.3k right now. Cheers


Doubled if not tripled on each card :). Minamino is going for 3.5k right now, hold or sell? Cheers


Do you think that a ucl rare from another peek team eg. Tammy would perform well?

Ali Al Enezie

Hey cheif! So I just bought 7 Joe gomez for 2600 will he go up?


IT didnt come any sbc where you need Liverpool players! Should i sell them??


When should i sell?


Any reason why they didn’t balloon up like previous UEFA mm’s?