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hey chief! thank you for your excellent blog! do you have idea where to get predictions for marquee matchups? thanks!


That was my question, because no matches are taking place… ok thanks


First time playing FUT this deep into the year. Doesnt this uh, end the game? Or are all of these million coin cards?


Should I invest in those players.
Also I still have a bunch of Martinez you advised us to invest in, do you need to sell now and invest elsewhere?
Thanks a lot chief


hi Chief,

Hope you are well. Got around 20 Jarstein/kruse and 15 Martinez, holding for the next few days the best bet? they are slowly rising but still would loose coins if i sold them now.



yo Chief! As we wonยดt have TOTW Moments what would be fut champs rewards for this week? TOTSSF?

sarath kumar

Hey Chief. I just wanted to know since I have Scream Aguero who will be getting a TOTS tomorrow, will the Scream card he drop in price tomorrow? If so i wanna sell him off as soon as possible. Currently 600k.