Investment: UCL Henderson

Players: UCL Jordan Henderson

Reasoning: Similar to our Joe Gomez UCL investment, Henderson will likely be going out of packs on Friday for the PL TOTS. Also, he has a chance to be required in the next week for a Throwback UEFA MM – not to mention his 83 rating also makes him usable for other SBCs like the guaranteed TOTS.

Target BUY: XBOX 2.5k PS4 2.5k PC 2.5k

Target SELL: Sell before he returns to packs next Friday, May 8th. I’m hoping he gets to 4-5k.



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Dan Troop

Should we look to get him for a different price as he is 3.8k on PS4


Seems nice! Do you think there’s a chance that Ea realizes the UCL throwback tomorrow?


Impossible to get for 2.5k on xbox minimum 4.9k


Hi Chief.

As said above, it is expensive to buy Henderson for now.
I’m still investing in Javi Martinez and Firmino, is it still a good idea?
Or do I leave some cash for Thursday when the market drops?

Barry woodward

What’s a good price for firmino to buy and sell at? Thanks people

Joshua Young

What should we do about Jarstein and Kruse moments. I invested in 85 of them. Keep holding? That’s all my coins. But my untradeable team is very good so I don’t mind holding