Investment: UCL TAA

Players:ย UCL TAA

Reasoning:ย The English defender will be going out of packs if he gets a TOTS card on Friday. Fullbacks tend to do well when going out of packs, and he could also be required for a throwback UEFA MM next week if it requires UCL Rares or Liverpool players.

Target BUY: XBOX 7.5k PS4 7.5k PC 7.5k

Target SELL:ย Sell before he returns to packs on May 8th.



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So, I invested hard in Telles (84) and expeted him to take a spike when the Community SBC dropped – instead he’s dropped to 6k, the same as Digne & Grimaldo in 83 at LB, and 2k below cheapest 83 RB’s. Sell all now & buy back tomorrow, praying for better luck in the guaranteed PL SBC – or hold for now?


Hey there Chief, is it worth investing in his gold non-UCL card since he’s going out of packs anyway?

Jakob Pengler

‘he could also be required for a throwback UEFA MM next week if it requires UCL Rares or Liverpool players’ – don’t think so, he’s too expensive. And he only went up to 8 or 9k when he was out of packs due to his TOTY Card. Henderson UCL might be the best look here.


he is now like 8/9k is it still smart to invest in him now?


Thanks chief. Why do you say Grimaldo and Leiva are going back to packs today during pl totssf? Arent they part of community totssf and supposedly should gone out of packs?


Ah got it. Apologies for the misunderstanding. Thanks man


i bought lots of ucl mahrez cards for around 6k because he wil probably get a totssf (he got 3 if card) great investment or not?


do you think i will make profit cuz i spend 250k in it๐Ÿ˜…


i bought him voor like 5.5/6k and he is now 6.5k (ps4)


What about investing in lower rated cards such as Minamino or Milner?

Thomas Mitaras

Do you think they will increase price range or cash in now around 13k for TAA