Investment: TOTS Williams

Players: TOTS Randell Williams

Reasoning: Williams is one of the cheapest 86 rated players. In addition, he also is a TOTS player – these were required on Thursday for the guaranteed Community TOTS SBC and will likely continue to be required going forward.

He goes out of packs on Monday, so I’m hopeful he will see a bit of a rise leading up to Thursday’s guaranteed PL TOTS SBC.

Target BUY: XBOX 15k* PS4 15k* PC 15k*

*Look to buy during lightning rounds over the weekend.

Target SELL: Sell when you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investment opportunity. List for lazies in the meantime.



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What price should i set for lazy buyers?


Thx chief


Sorry it’s a bit off topic but related to your previous investment With Firmino- shall I sell now for a 50k profit? Or hold for a further rise


When is the best time to buy a PL TOTSSF player? I made a mistake buying Casemiro when I thought his price had dropped a lot and then he dropped loads more! I want Henderson but don’t won’t his price to plummet once I purchase. Thanks


Thanks 😊


Just packed Mahrez tots on xbox when should I sell


Thx also when’s the best time to sell mid dinho

Ishmam Nihal

will investing in rare gold 85 carvajal be a good investment?


How much do you think he will rise?


Hey Cheif, thanks for the previous advice. As Williams is only in packs for 2 more days, do you see his price being 15k again? And is a more expensive buy-in worth a look? Also is Rodak a good alternative at 14k?


hey chief, what time do you nomally post investment articles? also what timezone/country do you refer to


Hey Chief, invest in 85 rated players for Premier league Guarantee tots ?


Target sell price for this/next week? Cheers


Sounds good! I’ve had a few bought for 21k already


Just found this page. I’m excited to see the results bought 9 on these. Should I sell Thursday or before? Thanks so far


Williams is down to 13k on XBOX now, should i hold on? Only have 5 and bought for 14.500.


I buy 30 of that guy and 15 for bundesliga player around 16k -17k what should k do now, now they ara selling from 13 k. I lost so much