Investment: Timo Werner

Player: Timo Werner

Reasoning: The German striker will likely get a TOTS card on Friday, putting his gold card out of packs. In addition, he is one of the cheapest 86 rated players and has a good league and nation for SBCs.

Target BUY: XBOX 15k* PS4 15k* PC 15k*

*Look to buy during lightning rounds or SB rewards

Target SELL: Sell before he returns to packs on Friday, May 15th. List for lazies in the meantime.



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Brendan Merten

How do we filter out 83 card when looking to snipe him? Thanks chief


Any predictions for tots lewa price on xbox btw thx


What should we sell him for?


I got TOTS Williams for 20k, but the price hasn’t increased much and I can’t get rid of him now, what to do?


If I invest in Werner now how much profit would you think I would make how much would he go up by? And next thing I invested in 40 86rated team of the week moments javi Martinez When do you think I should sell him?


I invest in a lot of insigines do you think that’s good and when will he rise?


I invested in insigne because he always shoots up with scbs do you think that’s a bad move and I just invested in Timo werners for 17-18K each is that bad?


Yes I saw your post a little late, but null and void now. Sold him for a slight profit.


i got him for 17k when do i sell?


thanks chief your tips have helped me a lot. made 100k on the trent ucl investment. you the best


*I invested in rare gold hakimi will he rise?
*When is the best time to buy totssf adama traore?


Is it possible for players to get multiple totssf cards? And if so would Thiago be worth a look? One of the cheapest 87s so should rise for the guaranteed sbc on Thursday and could potentially be oop again?


I’m investing in john swift tots and 87 pl players , any hope their price will rise bec. Of the epl guarnteed sbc? , and when should i sell?


When should I sell Henderson tots thx


Also chief just a recommendation but maybe you could try and make a futchief app or something also would u consider hosting a fifa tournament and winner get 1 month subscription


Chief do you think we should invest in 89 rated players a lot of Trading accounts on IG such as danish trader suggested do you think that’s good or not?


Omg I was just in a lesson opening packs and got tots son from electrum pack I’m shaking when to sell! League sbc op


I’m planning to buy prime dinho and tots Lewandowski


why did werner’s price just fall through the floor after the totssf guaranteed packs dropped? were people overinvesting?