Investment: Raphaël Varane

Player: Raphaël Varane

Reasoning: Today EA announced that La Liga will come next on Friday for TOTS. Varane will likely get a TOTS card, forcing his gold card out of packs. Given that he is still usable, I think this dip in supply could cause him to rise in price just as VVD’s gold card last week.

Target BUY: XBOX 30k PS4 48k PC 52k

Target SELL: Sell before he returns to packs on Friday, May 15th. List for lazies in the meantime.



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What do you think of Messi as an out of packs investment?


Ah yes, sorry pal I missed that one!


Parejo worth a look? Back down to nearly his minimum price, potentially oop and will be good fodder for la liga guaranteed.. assuming it’s not as high rated as the PL guarantee with less meta cards in the squad, he should slot right into some cheap 86/87 solutions?

Bob jones

Should I keep holding onto Werner? Not in dire need of the coins I invested into him.


Benzema as investment or nah? potential tots and fodder


Also what sort of ROI are we looking at for varane?


MY guy. xx


Is it to expensive to buy varane at 38-39 k on xbox bc lowest sell at 39k


are you sure varane gonna get tots ?
all the pridictions say pique and ramos will get.


Are we expecting Cazorla TOTSSF to be rising up to May 9 price (260k) again come Thursday? 200k Seems like a good investment on the basis of both how unreal the card is, 5* weak foot & la liga or is it still pot luck?


Cheers! Threw the sink at it & have 5 around 200k, calculated near break even guaranteed risk I though haha, he says 👀😂