Investment: TOTS Carvajal

Player: TOTS Carvajal

Reasoning: Liverpool players went up considerably last week Thursday/Friday. A major reason for this was because of the abundance of Liverpool TOTS players received in their guaranteed SBCs and WL rewards.

Real Madrid has a considerable amount of TOTS cards, too, not to mention the new Militão SBC we got yesterday. I think something similar will happen with their prices this week, particularly for Carvajal – there are 3 new CBs that people will use this weekend that they can link with him (TOTS Varane, TOTS Ramos, Flashback Militão).

Target BUY: XBOX 260k PS4 295k PC 310k

Target SELL: Sell on Thursday/Friday as people build their WL squads around their La Liga TOTS rewards.



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I invested in hummels and varane a while ago hummels is now 28K should I sell him now or wait and should I sell varane?


Considering trent and Robertson went up 50k roughly each for WL last week, could you see carvajal rising to 310k+. I think he’d be quite in demand to link one of the centre backs as you mentioned above


Yeah I agree. I bought 4 of them last night at 260 and sold them today at 290 each. Pretty pleased with that.

Cheers man


Hello Chief,
Messi isn’t looking to be going up, if I sell now it will be at loss.
When to sell please and is it still time to invest in Carvajal?


Are Mateta, Raschica and Modeste good Buli options and should I invest in Lewandowski too? In what price should I prefer to snipe these players? Thank you!