Investment: Pizzi

Player:ย Pizzi

Reasoning:ย Liga NOS is set to come out on Monday, May 18th. Pizzi will likely get a TOTS card, forcing his gold card out of packs for a week. The only other time Pizzi went OOP this year he soared to 8k+ (due to good position/nation), and I think this is likely to happen again given the amount of desirable SBCs we have been getting that require 84s (guaranteed TOTS, Player Moments, Flashback, etc).

Target BUY: XBOX 5k PS4 5k PC 5k

Target SELL:ย Sell before he returns to packs next week Monday, May 25th.



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Not really possible to get at 5k but I got 20 from 5.4k-5.8k. Feel like it should still get me about 1k profit on each. Thoughts?


Great thanks. Feel like I should at least be able to make some small ROI if nothing else