Investment: Rafa

Player: Rafa

Reasoning: Liga NOS is set to come out on Monday, May 18th. Rafa will likely get a TOTS card, forcing his gold card out of packs for a week. The only other time Rafa went OOP this year he soared to 4k+ (due to good position/nation), and I think this is likely to happen again given the amount of desirable SBCs we have been getting that rinse supply of gold rare cards.

Target BUY: XBOX 2k PS4 2k PC 2k

Target SELL: Sell before he returns to packs next week Monday, May 25th.



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Ross davies

Do you think he will be at his highest on the 24th or when the league sbc comes?

Omar Hisham

Chief do I buy him now for 2.2k or is it too late


people on twitter were advising to buy him since friday (corona as well) when he was about 1k . i get a strong feeling that you already made your investment a few days ago and use this site to inflate the price and get your profit (and for your subs). so the idiots who come here for free advice pay for your profit and sometimes if they get lucky make a bit profit.. cheers


That’s his job my buddy if he gave you free advice then what’s in it for him nothing he gives you free advice and he wins and you win dosent matter if he invested in before you after he tells others there’s a group he has where you pay and trade at the same time as him this page is just for free advice from time to time


Hey chief what’s CBP?


When do you think ucl mm will be released?


Hi chief, unrelated but I want to sell Neymar to buy FB Hazard, when do you advise to do that? Don’t need those 2 this week. Thanks!