Q & A Tuesday – Week 36

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Game of throw-ins

When should I sell pizzi rafa and cheap tots ?
Should I start buying serie A or ligue 1 players?

Oliver Michelle

When should I buy Ronaldo gold?


Hi cheief
+When is the best time to buy savic?
+Should I invest in ligue 1 players?
+Will it be good if I invest in Pepe tots for good links with liga nos rewards?



At what price should I sell cheap tots


Should i invest in ligue 1 or serie a gold rares?


i cant get any for 1k how can u?


When will Bund TOTS players be their cheapest (ie: Reus, Haaland, Werner)?


Dang okay thanks. Was thinking might see a slight drop when the guaranteed tots comes out as people will pack players they’ve bought. May try and wait until after this WL to buy some then


Hi Futchief. I invested in some Werner’s and Müller’s a few weeks ago for around 15.000 per player, they are now going for around 23k and 21k respectivly (on PC). Do you think that they will rise more or should I sell now?

mad man19

I would like to invest 300k for bundis players to sell on Thursday
Any advice please


Is it still a good idea to invest in Pizzi or Rafa whilst Liga NOS is ongoing, or shouls i stick to SMS and Alberto

Idk what name

When should I bid on ligue 1 or seria a players


Hi Chief, Which is the best price to buy and invest Milinkovic Savic, right now? thanks CHief

Game of throw-ins

*When should I sell Bundesliga rare players?
*Should I sell pizzi and rafa now or they will rise up ?
*Should I wait for tommorow for tots that I bought for 10k-12k? and for what price can I sell them?


Idk what name

Hey chief what players should I invest on for like tomorrow lighting rounds or Thursday


Hi, i want to invest 300k and make some profit. Any tips? PS4


Have you used or heard how Quaison is in game? Trying to decide between him and Mueller at CAM. Mueller obv costs more. I play with 2 strikers and have one on come back on defense and the CAM on stay forward. Currently have Sargent as the other ST and it allows him to make great late runs

FUT Improver

He’s a lot of coins for an untradable 3 star 3 star player. Far better Bunde options IMO


Yeah i just had great success with Sargent at 3/3 and he seems like an upgrade on him. I was most concerned with his M/M work rates honestly. And 160k isn’t too bad, only other Bund options at that are Thiago or Brandt. Thiago i tried and his finishing was suspect for me. Haven’t tried Brandt


Yo bro im a bit late but i wanted to know whats the best day to get henderson tots


Is 2.3 million a good price for tots lewa on xbox? Thanks and should I buy him today or tomorrow


Hey Chief, random question but thoughts on TOTS Lucas Leiva as an investment for upcoming serie A? Cheers


Or Godin/Bentancur?


Chief, when is the best time to sell Serie A golds?



Still time to invest in Cheap TOTS or just buy Savic and Alberto ?