Investment: MOTM Pavard

Player: MOTM Pavard

Reasoning: Last Wednesday, EA released Man of the Match (MOTM) cards to supplement TOTW for the time being. These cards are often an overlooked investment and rise nicely after going out of packs. Considering they quick sell for ~ 10k, there is no risk investing here.

Target BUY: XBOX 10.5k PS4 10.5k PC 10.5k

Target SELL: Sell when you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investment opportunity. List for lazy buyers in the meantime. I wouldn’t hold for more than 2 weeks.



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hi CHief, how many time does this card price raise’


Hey chief when should I sell my serie a rates I invest in loads of belottis at 1.5 and he’s around 1.8 now you said he’s gonna go up to 2.5K when is that?


Hey Chief, was wondering when to sell my serie A rare golds


Why didn’t the serie rare golds go up to 2.5k their only at 1.7k


Oh ok so when should I sell and will they go up today or tomorrow or are they just gonna stay the same piece since they didn’t go up straight away when the sbc came out of is there gonna be another serie a sbc today?


So should I just sell now or when?

Game of throw-ins

Hey cheif should I sell the tots I bought for prime icon sbc or should I still wait for it?


hey chief. why would anyone buy from me an 82 card with 15k? why are the orange cards so valuable?


What about demirbay? 84 rated and same price

mad man19

Hey chief invested some coins in him
When to sell please ?
Is he going to be impacted by ultimate tots
Thanks to let us know