Q & A Tuesday – Week 37

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Last week fantastic 4 went to very high when Liga Nos SBC dropped. This week we will most likely have both CSL and Eredivisie, and both with some extremely tasty cards in them, which may increase demand even more.

Fantastic 4 looks a bit inflated already, but still – hot or not?


Hi chief, I was thinking of buying tots Diego Carlos- just wondering if you think he might crash before weekend league for any reason? Maybe as people sell to do guaranteed sbcs? Otherwise I’m planning on buying today


Hi chief, i’m wondering if u can tell us some investements for Ligue 1 TOTS in order to be prepared in advance… Thanks


Chief, you still expecting Serie A rares to rise? Only sold 2 out of my 152 so far at 2.5k BIN 🙁


Thanks! Did only 4 upgrades as more intent now on making sure I get my coins back even though a lot of people are saying pack weight is good. When would you say is the latest someone should aim to pick up cheap Ligue 1 rares?


Hey Chief, looking to buy TOTS Benzema. Do you think I should wait to see if he makes the Ultimate squad and drops even more or better to get him now? He’s going for about 715k on Xbox, 680k on a good snipe/bid. Cheers

Muhammad Hafidz

Hi, Chief.

I have 2m coins right now. What’s the best way to get another 1m or double my coins in the near future?


Rhys Matthew

Hey Chief, just wondering how much the basic patreon subscription differs from the $15 sub? Cheers

Matthew Robinson

I have de ligt I bought him last week for 520k he’s now 600k do you think he’ll go up even more Thursday and Friday or should I just sell him now

Zeyad Elbaz

Hi chief, will 92 sif mbappe price rise or should i sell him? When it will rise the most if it will rise?


Hi Chief. I’ve purchased too many engine cards and I’m curious about when the best time is to sell them? Thursday during rewards or Friday when the new content is being released was the best time for me a few weeks ago. Now they don’t increase in value that significant anymore – or what do you think?

Matthew Robinson

Do you think Moses Simon tots or depay ucl care will go up tomorrow if I invest or is it too late


packed cuadrado tots and what time is best to sell him? thanks.


Hey Chief, was wondering if it may be a decent idea to scoop up some Leno, Sokratis, Moutinho, Ozil, Kepa when they drop In price Sunday-Tuesday for the sbc’s next week? Usually see these cards in sbc solutions each week. Cheers


Awesome, thanks mate!


Hey chief, I want to buy ronaldo for my weekend league team. Do you think I should do this bearing in mind he will come back into packs and fall in price.


Hi Chief, what do you think should I sell most of my player cards as this is practically end game. I have 3000 players in club, most of them are bronze but there is around 1000 gold cards. I am not sure will something important will arise now in next weeks or months. Thank you


Yeah, I’ll do that as I don’t see any point of having 3000 players in club at the end of the game. Thank you for your reply 🙂


Importing your club to futbin might help you


Hey Chief, TOTS Telles is 420k on Xbox right now. Got him for 365k, should I sell and rebuy him the 8th? Already sold TOTS Benzema and FB Griezmann and they are continuing to drop. Cheers


Hi Chief!

I plan on selling my icons/TOTY/TOTS players this week and buying them all back after the market bottoms out for Ultimate TOTS. When do you recommend that I sell my team this week?



Hey chief, do you think we might see a prime icon sbc on Friday once the mid icon sbc is gone together with ultimate tots? Cheers!


Agreed — let’s wait and see. Thanks