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Sell my ligue 1 rares for 1,8 k ? 300 coin profit per card or wait until monday when sbc drops?

Alexander Cotzias

which tots should i buy chief from ligue un? also will toty mbappe go down

Alexander Cotzias

when do i buy aouar seems cheap rn


when is the best time to buy tots kimmich on xbox? Thx


Hi bro,just wondering when should I buy tots atal or shapeshifter yedder also who do you think is better at striker ?

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Hi Chief! Last week I invested in Immobile and it didnt go as planned. Bought 15 of them for an average of 16,5k and now he’s dropped at 12k. Although I noticed that Luis Alberto’s price dropped under 4k. Should I sell Immobile and lose coins, but invest those money to luis alberto or should I look for other options?


Keep your Immobile cards until guaranteed TOTS SBC next week. There are more meta players in league 1 TOTS.


Best time to buy osimhen