Analysis: Ultimate TOTS

  • In FIFA 19, the Ultimate TOTS was released on Friday, June 21st.
  • Here is how some meta player prices moved after that weekend league.
PlayerJune 21st PriceJune 24th Price% Change
TOTY Messi3.578kk3.490kk-2.5%
TOTY Ronaldo7.957kk6.940kk-12.8%
TOTY Mbappe4.493kk3.917kk-12.8%
TOTY Modric2.528kk2.460kk-2.7%
TOTY Kante1.748kk1.612kk-7.8%
TOTY KDB1.798kk1.631kk-9.3%
TOTY Ramos1.701kk1.585kk-6.8%
TOTY De Gea861k802k-6.9%
TOTY Varane1.322kk1.121kk-15.2%
TOTY VVD1.300kk1.027kk-21%
TOTY Neymar5.172kk5.045kk-2.5%
TOTS Salah2.019kk1.733kk-14.2%
TOTS Aubameyang2.826kk2.557kk-9.5%
TOTS Aguero1.824kk1.762kk-3.4%
TOTS Mane1.422kk1.297kk-8.8%
TOTS Son2.354kk2.126kk-9.7%
TOTS Marquinhos482k436k-9.5%
TOTS Di Maria450k383k-14.9%
TOTS Lala552k525k-4.9%
TOTS Cavani629k580k-7.8%
    • Average decrease: -9.2%
    • Median decrease: -9.1%

If you have any meta players like these, I would considering selling next before next Saturday if you don’t want to lose coins.



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Sell this week before WL?


You think mls tots next? And when do you think theyโ€™ll be at their cheapest to buy?


Hey Boss, was wondering if I should I sell TOTS Telle and Benzema before they drop and rebuy them when they crash in 2 weeks-ish? Also was looking to buy Shapeshifter Ronaldo, when do you think would be the best time to pick him up?
Cheers Chief


Sounds good and would it be a good idea to sell TOTS Benzema and FB Griezmann then buy them back the 8th like you suggested? Benzema has dropped 25k in the last 24 hours and the same with Griezmann. Cheers

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Hi i have 66 promes gold cards i bought them for 2900 when do i sell them


Today or tomorrow because i dont want to go too much in a loss


Hi chief, when do you think I should buy shapeshifter Ben yedder?


Hi Chief, i have subscribed (bronze tier) today. i logged in to patreon and made the payment. After i have cancelled the renewal of the subscription as per patreon’s instructions because i wanted to only try it first for one month and then decide if i want to continue. However by doing this it seems that my membership has been cancelled although the payment had gone through. Any advice please?


Hi Futchief. Is it only Meta-players that will drop in price? I have some 100-200k TOTS players, do you think they will drop too?