Investment: Jadon Sancho

Player:ย Jadon Sancho

Position4/5Wingers tend to do well while OOP
Nation4/5Good links to other cheap English players
League4/5Links with other Bundesliga players
Club5/5Links with other cheap Dortmund players (Brandt, Witsel, etc)
Out of Packs5/5Will go OOP Wednesday for his MOTM performance
ROI Potential4/5Cheaper players tend to have better ROI
Historial Trends5/5Went up nicely while OOP for BuLi TOTS, and has went up consistently for guaranteed TOTS SBCs
Overall Rating4.4/5

Target BUY: XBOX 6k PS4 6k PC 6k

Target SELL:ย Sell before he returns to packs next Wednesday, June 10th.



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King Kong

Sorry idk how motm work in fifa. Ik he got a hattrick but is ea giving motm cards to every motm in Bundes games?

mad man19



Neymar isn’t looking very good (dropped to 195k on xbox) sell now and take the L or wait for thursday?


Hi chief how much you think tots giovinco will rise during rewards/start of wl?
He’s now 99k


Hi mate, new to your site. Love the knowledge! Regarding this investment with Sancho – is it just about watching his price on the market and selling it when it is relatively higher than the price bought for (ideally 6k) or has there been a trade of how much profit you should be aiming for with this strategy?


wow! ok so you recommend checking the cheapest BNP and list for +50% of that throughout the day and then the same but for 6 hours overnight? and for the potential best returns it is best to hold off selling using this method until the start of next week?


I have around 27 Sanchos at the moment. From previous trends on this method is there a ideal day/time to list these? i.e. is it best to wait until is released? Or if/when released over the weekend or as early as possible before he goes back into packs?


It is saying that TOTW 33 won’t be released until next Wednesday 10th? Is that correct?


Yeah, they have brought out a ST MOTM card. Does this change the strategy at all?


Hi chief.

I have a 90 Petit, that I don’t need, when can I sell


should i sell him before the market crash?