Q & A Tuesday – Week 38

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Hi futchief – new to your site. I have been looking for a good trading investment channel/site like this for few days and I am happy to stumble across yours. Love the detail and the success you have had and look forward to following. I am currently investing in Sancho as per your last post and have a question on that specific thread.

Another question I have is what is your recommended strategy for someone with £150k-£200k to reach £1mil coins ASAP?


Will the prices drop after tots promo? For example ben yedder otw, mbappe (gold) and henderson totssf


…. i didnt meant to put the comment here…


Hey Chief! Scream Firmino has dropped a lot in price since saturday, do you see him go back up in price to around 160k on xbox? Bought him at 159k, and belived it was a good deal, but now he is around 130k.


Matthew Robinson

How much is promes likely to drop after this weekend

Matthew Robinson

And Jadon sancho


so would you recommend against buying sancho in bulk now?

Matthew Robinson

Yh tots promes and tots sancho


Are the usual SBC fodder investments at Ajax still worth looking at for some quick wins ahead of tomorrow’s guaranteed tots?




Which 86 rated investments would you consider, if any?


What happened to twitch?


Will the prices drop after tots promo? For example ben yedder otw, mbappe (gold) and henderson totssf


Hey chief ! This week, what is the best day to buy players for our team to play the weekend league? Wednesday, thursday or friday?


Hello chief, this week I wanted to try and see if I could succeed and put in players from MLS.
When do you think it is best to sell them?


Wouldn’t gold gnabry as a substitute lower rise of sancho gold?


Do you see high rated gold cards going back up at any point again? Or are there just too many cheap tots alternatives?


Do you think it would be best to sell Demirbay and Pavard investments now and re-invest elsewhere? They haven’t risen too much compared to the other MOTM cards from previous weeks.

Nicholas Millar

List them for 15,000 – I had around 30 which I bought at 10,500 and all except 8 have sold so far. Means I’m currently at 1,500 less than I started with, but once the remaining 8 sell (which they will), I’ll be up 112,500 overall.
That will give me about 650,000 to upgrade the squad. Either Puyol or Maldini from icon swaps in the short-term to replace Ferdinand, then upgrade to TOTSSF Ramos and possibly TOTSSF Griezmann in place of Dilrosun. 🙂


How on earth did you manage to sell them for 15k a piece!? I’ve managed to sell two. Listing at 12,250.

Nicholas Millar

Just persistency, I guess. I tend to have the web app open in a tab during the day, and just relist every hour. Sometimes they sell, sometimes they don’t. I’m on Xbox, so success may vary on PS or PC?

And, right on cue!


When is a good time to list the invested fodders during the release of guaranteed SBC?


Do you think that investing in high ovr fodder is useful as the ultimate tots is released this weekend


Best time to buy Ligue 1 players for WL? (Renato Sanches) Today or tomorrow after rewards? I know they will drop next week but want to play with them this WL. Cheers


👍🏽 Managed to get a fresh Sanches for 400k! Also do you think la Liga tots will go up for any reason this weekend or should they stay at their prices and maybe rise 8-15k? Cheers

Baller Alert

Sancho is only 7k so I would make only 650 coins profit after tax on all my sancho. Should I wait to list him or do u think he will go up?

Baller alert

Do you think a player sbc on Friday for ultimate tots would make him go up?

Meknath Vidi

Hi Chief,
What’s you thoughts on investing in 88 rated pique.

Meknath Vidi

I was hoping that he may rise due to guaranteed ultimate TOTS SBC this Wednesday coming… surely I am not hoping against hope, or am I??


Hey chief. Need to buy Salvio TOTSF. Will he be cheaper tomorrow during rewards or its better to buy now? Just noted that yesterday he was at around 150 k and now he is at 200, and I am afraid he might go much higher than that. Tas


Do you know when all of the TOTSSF will be realeased into packs at the same time? Will it be a week after Ultimate TOTSSF?


Hi chief, what rated squad do you think the ultimate tots guaranteed will be? and should i do ultimate tots pack or the ligue 1 pack?