Investment: High Rated Barcelona

The Ultimate TOTS SBCs will be coming on Wednesday. This SBC will be at least 88 rated. The PL TOTS SBC was also 88 rated, and Barcelona players rose most  for this as they have many players who are the cheapest for their respective ratings (Piqué, ter Stegen, Alba, Griezmann, Suarez, etc).

Listed below are the Barcelona players I’m interested in:

Sell after the guaranteed Ultimate TOTS is released on Wednesday.



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ive literally been refreshing this page all day man waiting for you to post. Eventually I just invested in high rated Barcelona players and now you’ve just put this up. So strange man !


Is their going to more team of the season coming out??


If rest of the world are coming out then which cards should i invest


Is orisic a good buy


hi chief.. i followed the sancho investment and realised today that they released the danny ings SBC and he’s gone up a bit from it i think… would it be better to sell him now or wait till just before he returns to packs?


When is the best time to sell tots kimmich and fb cancelo and when is the best time to buy tots sancho?thanks


Hi Chief,
due to the modric sbc yesterday I noticed these Barca cards rose by a fair amount- would you say hedging your bets with a 50/50 in terms of selling/keeping is best?


And also are ultimate tots only in packs until Wednesday? Just need confirmation when to sell investments/ open my packs


Modric SBC made all of these players rise quite a lot. They are all 3-6k higher than aim-price. Still profitable slightly over the aimed prices or has the train left the station?


I did had some profit already with ter stegen (bought for 30-31k selling some at 40k)


Fast question, i’m new to the game (just 1 month into it) i got 2 icons for their minimum price (86 rating 64.500) any plan for this item? try to sell it for more or just discard it if i need the money at some point. Didnt expect to get the them at all lol


I’ve noticed that yesterday (Sunday) evening Canales prices went really high (BIN around 9,5k). Any ideas what was the reason? Managed to sold mine for 9k. Today prices are around 6k.


Hi Chief, will there continue to be good investment opportunities after this week? Trying to decide whether to hold on to coins or just spend them all on my squad now. I only started investing/trading two weeks ago and have turned 90k into 500k, predominantly using your tips! Cheers.

Als Danee

Hey Chief, like you said I sold my team before WL. Some of the players I want to buy have already risen in price like Neymar and Laca. Do you think I should buy now or wait for any panic when the guarenteed tots sbc comes out


Will there price go up?


any recommend low budget investment? :D


I think to buy terstegen goalkeeper, will his price rise more or not. What do you think


There is a decent increase on the prices of these players already. Could we sell now and miss out or is there usually a peak of an increase for these types of investments?


Do you think their prices will raise into the Thursday/Friday ahead of the WL?


Think I jumped the gun with Umtiti. I was getting him for £16k and posted him at +50% for the lazies and he sold straight away. Didn’t realise he was already close to +50% profit!

Meknath Vidi

How confident are we feeling with regards to our guaranteed ultimate tots sbc releasing today Chief?
There is doubts creeping in there slowly…

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Hello the fact there is ultimate tots when do we sell Barca cards


i mean there isnt**


What do i do now?


Hey Chief, I have around 120 Pique, any advice on when and at what price to list them at please? I’m looking for max. return, thanks Meknath

Meknath Vidi

Brilliant, would exactly do that, thanks once again :)

Meknath Vidi

Fucking EA pricks… lost all motivation to play this game anymore… what a fucking joke…no ultimate tots sbc… fml


Damn umtiti has gone to 47 k