Q & A Tuesday – Week 39

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Hey Chief! this is unrelated to trading but I currently have around 550-600k and am looking for a la liga striker, do you suggest I buy TOTSSF Benzema for around that price or try saving up another 300k to get TOTSSF Suarez? Thanks!


Hi Chief, when is the best time to buy current ultimate tots Players (not for trading, but for our teams) – I.e. when will they be cheapest? Do you expect them to drop much between now and Friday?


When will the market crash be?


Hi chief,

Would it be a good idea to sell all my tradables and wait for the market crash, and if so when to sell them?


This monday prices of some totssf were lowest i’ve seen, i expect this to happen again but not until next early monday imo. I think they will go even lower than it was this monday. For now im holding high gold rated cards to sell when high sbc comes out and buying new cheap totssf cards (10-12k). Good plan?


 I’m planning on buying my team when the market bottoms out. Last year it happened around August 6th. Since TOTS was released a few weeks early this year do you think the market will bottom out sooner?


Hey Chief, if EA doesn’t drop the Ultimate Guaranteed SBC until next week do you think it is a good look to reinvest in cards such a Carvajal/Umtiti/Busquests etc…?
In the event people panic sell today(Wednesday) or tomorrow. Cheers


Sounds good, I was able to flip all my Carvajals for 12k roi and for umtiti 20k a piece which is crazy! Just looking for new ideas since in case the guarantee doesn’t come out but most prices haven’t moved much. Cheers boss!


Hey Chief, thoughts on TOTS Jordi Quintilla as an invesment? He’s an 88 Spanish player going for about 20k right now. Cheers


Thanks for the advise, I’ve gotten 3 today already at 16k I’m bid but definitely gonna be picky with buying him. Cheers!


Sorry for all the post, But I was able to flip 15 Quintillas for 24.5k. These deluxe packs doing wonders


Pot has built up from 190k to 320k from following you 🙂 Cheers Chief! Any suggestions on current investments I could work on? I done the Barca players investment and done a few Emre Can’s


The market right now is so so expensive. I think only opportunities could come for other type of cards not related to high rateds or fut champìons this week. Dunno. I will just wait for a crack next week(if happens). I won like 2,2m investing 1,1m aprox , and im out of stocks now


When would be the best time to restock on some 87-90 fodder? Cheers


Alright, I’ll keep an eye out next week. Also should I sell my TOTS Renato Sanches anytime soon? Will he continue to drop?


It’s monday , i understand that with the tots sbc ratings are expensive but i’m surprised that high-end fut champ players didnt go down at all. Guess it’s wait until tue-wedn.I thought most fut-champ players would sell by now.