Investment: MOTM Max

Player: MOTM Max

Position5/5Fullbacks tend to do better than any other position
Nation4/5Good German Links
League4/5Good BuLi Links
Club2/5Few Augsburg links
Out of Packs5/5Will go OOP on Wednesday
ROI Potential3/5Cheaper players tend to have better ROI
Historial Trends5/5Cheap fullbacks tend to do well when going OOP
Cheapest3/5Is one of the cheapest 86 rated defenders
Usability5/5Is both usable in-game and for SBCs
Overall Rating4/5

Target BUY: XBOX 27k PS4 27k PC 33k

Target SELL: Sell when you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity. List for lazies in the meantime.



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Hi Chief,
Do you think it’s worth selling my current high gold rated players in my starting squad and buy back when the ultimate tots sbc has expired? I’ve got Robertson 85, Digne 83 and Sanchez 83 which have all risen a lot.


Does this include 88+ Golds? They don’t seem to have risen much. Broadly speaking, it looks like there’s some good profit to be made by selling all 83-87 golds and buying back if/when necessary from Thursday onwards. Is that a good strategy?


Just picked up CR7 (162k), Messi (155k), Mbappe (81k) and Neymar (131k), reckon they’re gonna rise again at the weekend or should I just sell now


Hi chief, I have some high rated cards such as Tots Giovinco, Tots Kroos, tots Vardy, prime Petit..
I need to sell all of them to build my WL team, when do you reckon would be the best time to do so


Yes that’s the problem I’m facing, I have some coins now that I’ll spend and wait for thursday to sell


Hey Chief, great investment. Was able to pick up about 20 or so, would it be best to just hold him until an SBC drops later this week? Cheers


He’s going for about 35k right now, would you be happy if he sold for 37k+ or is 35k solid for humble cheers


Good idea, your help is always appreciated boss!


I bought both Max and Emre Can and made much more profit with Can


why the prices are falling down , I bought max at 27k and now he is 20k :( will prices go up again?


Hey Chief, any suggestions for high rated fodder that are cheap atm? Lots f supply some surely some cards must be dropping heavily

Dan Troop

Still a good investment now at 23k?


I just have to tell the truth that you are king man , I bought schw for 13k and sold it for 34k rn , thank you very much and I’m very happy that I found your site 👍🏻