Investment: High Rated Informs

Today EA released the Prime Icon SBC. It requires a TOTW, TOTW Moments, or TOTSSF player.

Earlier this year, TOTW players rose considerably after the Base and Mid Icon Upgrades were released. Considering how cheap the Prime Icon Upgrade is, I expect more of the same.

Here are the informs that I’m interested in:

Sell when you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investment opportunity. List for lazies in the meantime.



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Can you please do more posts for your paid subscribers?


You’re right, however, all low tier investments with a couple thousand profits – sure, the ROI is greater with those cards, but in terms of coins, 2-3k margin at best? Not challenging your knowledge of the market here, but, I am hoping for a better profit margin.


Hey Chief, solid investments! I really like the Albiol a lot. Also thoughts on Winter Refresh Hector Herrera for 18k? Cheers


Ahhhh very true, would it be best to hold these investments you suggested for a few days or a week?


Hey Chief, I have 500k to invest. Any tips?

Kresimir Tus

Hey Chief, should we look to sell on Thursday after rewards or?


This time we coincide, i had these targets already on my list with some other opportunities, but these 3 are very good indeed


Hey chief when is the best time to buy tots atal on xbox? thanks

FUT Improver

Brilliant as always Chief. Made a nice profit tonight and pulled Goretzka from my pack. A huge W thanks very much


Hi Chief
Do you think albiol will rise more than 30K or it will still just in this range?


What would the rating of story bag sbc