Investment: Napoli/Milan Golds

Marquee Matchups will be released tomorrow. Last week, there were no Serie A fixtures featured, so there is a good chance EA features one this week.

Milan (49 points, 5th in table) faces Napoli (48 points, 7th in table) on Sunday. If EA requires one from each of the clubs, they could rise nicely.

Target BUY: XBOX 1k PS4 1k PC 1k

Target SELL:ย Sell in the hour after the MM announcement at 6pm UK time regardless of whether they are featured or not.



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Can you predict the price at which these cards will rise to?

Last edited 3 years ago by kayyarmani

Should I just buy many gold players from Milan and Napoli? And what price will they rise to

Last edited 3 years ago by danikonst15
Archie Tora

I bought only the gold rare ones !


Is it possible to predic which players will be included in batch 3 in order to invest in the gold players before

Archie Tora

Better luck next time ! Still made a good profit !