Investment: MOTM Kimmich

Player:ย MOTM Kimmich

Position3/5Midfielders perform averagely in comparison to other positions
Nation4/5Good German links
League4/5Good BuLi links
Club5/5Good Bayern links links
ROI Potential2/5Cheaper players tend to have better ROI
Historical Trends4/5Kimmich's cards often perform well when going OOP
Cheapest5/5Is one of the cheapest 89 rated cards
Overall Rating3.9/5

Target BUY: XBOX 35k PS4 35k PC 37k

Target SELL:ย Sell when you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investment opportunity. List for lazies in the meantime for ~ 20% more than the cheapest on the market.



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I’m relatively new to trading, and would like to know what listing for lazies means. Do I list for one hour? Or more time?


When will he go OOP please?

Saurav Ojha

I’ve invested around 500k in them, are they gonna be worth it? Bought on an average of 36k.
Also, invested in Golds of totssf, is it ok?

Saurav Ojha

Purchased the golds for an average 1.8k.. what do you think? And how much do you think Kimmich will go for.. I’ve been listing him for around 45-48k

Saurav Ojha

I’m new at this stuff, so I won’t be able to make out what it says. I think I trust you, so I’ll just wait and keep listing him.