Q & A Tuesday – Week 45

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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The way it seems is that TOTS high rated cards have crashed so much that the 89 Kimmich will never rise more than what we bought him for. You can buy a 93 Busquets for less than 40k or 89 dembele for 25k as the lowest fodder points. Do you think we should sell our stock of 89 Kimmich before he falls even more?


Just to reiterate. I do understand that the supply of the TOTS cards is huge and thats why they have fallen tremendously and with lack of supply Kimmich is supposed to rise but what concerns me is who will be paying more than 40k for Kimmich when you can buy all the TOTS for close to or less. Huge market crash is happening imo

FUT Improver

Sold 5 Kimmich in the last 24 hours for 45k.


5 aint good enough when you buy 80. I sold half at 42k the rest at 36. Overall not a bad profit. But he was too risky at some points. We got saved by the icon pack


What is ROI?
When should I make tots guaranteed sbc or should I do it?
Does it make sense to invest in gold cards like buying commons from 400 rares from 700?


Thank you for your answers.
What should I invest in I think i invested Nani enaught what you think about champions league cards or uel cards. Maybe another advicess?
thank you


Do you think investing in 95 rated tots players is a good move for the ultimate tots pack 45k is what the cheapest one is right now


Ciao Chief
I’ve done my last “Icon Prime” SBC and I’ve found Henry 93. As I have Benzema TOTS as ST I have 2 questions:
Question #1: why in your opinion Henry 93 is a 600k player while Benzema 97 with all better stats is a 300k player?
Question #2: do you suggest me to keep Henry as ST and sell Benzema now before his price crash further or keep Benzema and use Henry for future SBCs?
Thanks for support

Archie Tora

For MM I’m investing in the Lisboa derby and the Japanese one !

Archie Tora

Made a good profit on the Lisboa part, close to +200K
The Japanese ones are still sitting in my transfer hub, only the Vermaelen ones went on a small profit !


Hey chief! Any recommendations for tomorrowโ€™s MM?


Hey Chief, thoughts on flipping and investing in TOTW 85 Romagnoli? Good league and nation and heโ€™s going for about 12k on Xbox. Cheers


Hey Chief, is if Mkhitaryasn a good investment. Got him at discard price. Once he is oop will he rise?