Subscriber-Only Investment

It’s official – the web app is out. Cards are circulating in the transfer market, and there are some that won’t be there for long.

There are several transfers that will be going through soon. When they do, the card for the player’s old club will no longer be in packs. This cut in supply could cause for some nice price increases.

The following are the players I’m interested and the prices I like them at:

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend filling the transfer list with these guys, but a club stock can’t hurt.



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Hey Chief, Ruben Dias been doing really well for me. Was able to make 25k in 90 min this morning flipping him. How long would you hold these cards to get maximum profit? Holding onto about 10 that I got at 1.3k. Cheers mate!


Do you Think dest will rise ? 3k maybe when updated?